這部電影我陸續看了應該有幾十遍,每一次看都會有不同的感受,縱使已經知道劇情的發展依然覺得精采好看。坦白說寫這篇之前,我看了好幾篇相關的國內外訪談資料跟影評卻遲遲無法下筆,一直再想該怎麼以獨特的觀點與大家分享這部電影。直到我看到本部電影配樂家Hans Zimmer 漢斯季默說了這段話” The role of the score was to amplify a less-discussed aspect of Nolan’s tense film: romance.” “I’m nearly resentful of the way people are describing this music as being smart and intellectual,” Zimmer said. “What I was writing was nostalgia and sadness. This character carries this sadness all the time that he cannot express. He’s been telling us about it all along, but no one knows how to listen.  (文字來源


(左Christopher Nolan,右Hans Zimmer)



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